Monday, December 3, 2012

The Little Things

It the little things that really count.
 I mean really really count. I spend alot of time here watching, and looking, and it is always little details that are thrilling, and inspiring! I recently started a journal just for recording eccentric things that I notice, and it has proved to be soo inspiring! Here are some little things that make life so sweet:
 Letters from my sister.
 A Man with a pink spotted shirt and a blue bowtie in a small Argentine country town.
 Learning to make Mate.
 Spending all day at the Park. 
 Things viewed from a bus window.... 
 A small child laying on the floor of an apartment bulding's lobby. His mother smiling down at him.
 A man, 4 floors up, lowering a key on a string to a woman at the entrance to the building. 
 That kind of eye shrug people do. 
 Funny misunderstandings.
 Accidental(bilingual) double entendres.

I wish I could photograph all of these, but I am no where near quick enough. 
Here are some photos of everyday sweetnesses:

fresh almonds
and walnuts
homeade icecream at 4:30 in the morning
this dog sol
homeade bread 
 Life is so sweet. It's nice to reflect on it now and again.

Love, Lily

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