Saturday, January 12, 2013

Magical Realism

It did not rain today, or yesterday. The sky was clear, and blue, amd I sat outside and wrote. When I looked up. there was a huge rainbow stretched over the neighborhood. I looked around, but no one else seemed to see it. Later, Zuni's friend called. She was sick, with a terrible stomach ache. Zuni shut the kitchen doors, and wrapped a string around the knobs. Then she passed the string thru her hands several times, whispering. She told me that is how you cure an upset stomach, quicker than the doctor she said. And Then I baked peaches, and the hot house filled up with peach smell and cinnamon. Juicy and sweet. I washed the dishes, and sang in the kitchen, where the noises bounce around in the rafters. Last night I dreamt that I was sailing in a little boat. And now I understand how Marquez wrote what he did. There is something really special about this place. Magical things happen. Marquez wrote what he experienced. He did not add magic to his reality, it was already there, because here, reality is already magical. Its the little things that people do, and the little things the universe shows you if you watch. just a thought... I'm off to take a nap..... Love, Lily

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Año Nuevo

New Year's eve at the Carmeli house.

Papa Carmeli with Leo, y Manu.

Carmeli parents! These two are just about the sweetest people
you could ever find. 

Leo, Manu, and I. 



Angi and Norma

All of us! 

Jose, que buena onda che.

A little musical chairs

I don't even....



Baila Baila

A little Karaoke to get finish off the night!

New Year was fabulous. It was surprisingly chilly here (maybe 70 Farenheit) and perfect weather for dancing outside. We spent the night eating, dancing, eating some more, playing games, eating dessert, then a 2nd dessert, then a third, and ended the night with Karaoke. Espatacular! I love this family so much! They are divine, and I hope to spend time with them in the year to come.

It was a weird feeling for me to be in Argentina when the year changed. There were a million little fireworks in the sky in Ramallo, and I was trying to picture what I might do this year. I really have no idea! I don't know where I will be, or what I will be doing, but, I feel that good things are coming, so I am open to whatever possibilities arise. Most importantly, this year I want to spend time with my family, and spend time learning. And I want to make the most out of oppurtunities that arise. Here's to a productive, inspired year! I am all ears universe.

Love, Lily

Thursday, January 3, 2013


This year I decided to make some serious New Year's resolutions. Deciding on one was harder than I thought, so I chose 4..... I have so many goals for this year, it's very exciting!
Ultimately, I went with broader resolutions that encompass a number of goals, and I also made a list of goals, and put some deadlines on a couple of them. I think its time that I start doing something with all of the inspiration that this country has provided me!

This year, my resolutions a
1. Make fitness a part of my everyday life!
2. Be brave, sin verguenza.
3. Learn. ALOT.
4. Focus on my passions.

It feels good to have my goals outlined. And it makes me excited to start accomplishing them!

La Familia Carmeli

Right now I am about 5272 miles (as the crow flies) from my family. Thats a long way away. I miss my family alot. I miss oatmeal with my momma in the morning, and chill time with my sister. I miss my littlest brother waking me up. Holiday times are alittle trying for me, THIS is family season ya know? But I have thankfully had the fortune to meet a beautiful family down here in Argentina, and being with them is like being with family. They are my some of my favorite people to spend time with, and they have graciously opened their doors, and made me feel so at home. I love them, and I wanted to share some pictures of these lovelies!

I love this family! Son re divinos todos.